UK Passport Photo Specifications

Passport photo is a vital part of your passport application, this article will let you know how to make your own passport photo of United Kingdom.

The passport photo size of United Kingdom is 45 mm high x 35 mm wide.  the height of head  must be between 29 mm and 34 mm.

The background colour of UK passport photo must be plain cream or plain light grey.

Sunglasses or tinted glasses is unacceptable and no hair across your eyes, but the normally wear prescription glasses may be worn for your passport photo.
​(babies should not have toys or a dummy, and should not be other people in the photo)

Face, Lighting, Red-eye and Shadows:
​Show your full head, looking straight at the camera, with nothing covering your face and taken in a well-lit environment. shadows can not cover the face and do not show you with red-eye.

the expression should be neutral, the mouth should be remain closed  and smile is omitted.

The passport photo should be taken within the last month.

First of all the passport photo must be identical, and printed on high quality photo paper and it have to be in colour(not black and white). torn, creased, or marked is unacceptable. can not have any writing on the front or back of the passport photo.

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