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Passport Photo Software For Home Users

Preparing for holiday with family or preparing for a business trip? Submitting some kind of application form but the application requesting passport photo size pictures? But you don’t have one? And you want to DIY your own passport photo at home and don’t want to spend too many money? Here is the answer – ID Photo Maker, An all-in-one professional passport photo software, not just for the industry users(photographer, photo studio owner etc.), but also for the general home users!

   As the result ot 9/11, many countries has adopted the new ISO/IEC biometric passport photo standards in past few years, The new standard has more requirements, simply it is much stricter than before, To make a standard passport photo you need a digital camera of course and a software, and the templates and the features of software needed to follow the biometric requirements and the govertment’s standards. the ID Photo Maker is the software designed for such purpose. its cropping feature is developed based on ISO/IEC 19794-5, and also built-invariety of templates and those templates are also designed based on the specified govertment’s standards. 

  You may ask, does this software expensive? Since it seems like targeting to the industry users…. For the home users the software providing a flexable pay-as-you-go contractand the price start at just $7.69! Even you have not any experience on the passport photo making, don’t worry, just follow the instant prompt of the software to crop your photos, and layout the photos on a photo papers(A6,4R,3R, etc.) with auto layout feature, and click on “Print” button. and that is! you will get your photo in minutes! Ahe output feature of ID Photo Maker not only enables you to print your photos via your printer but also allows you to save the photos as jpeg files. the “save as photo” feature will save two types of photo: a layouted phtoto for re-printing and it will also save all of the cropped photos for online filling.

To learn more information about ID Photo Maker and download the free trial version, visit:http://www.idphotomaker.com/ ​

How To Use Passport Photo Software

Passport photos are usually used for many purposes. The most important of them all is to make ID cards. There are several ways through which this type of photograph can be produce. It can be taken directly or a full size photograph cropped. To crop a full size photo, one has to use passport photo software.

Unlike in the past, now photographers do not have to take portrait sized photos so as to produce passport photographs. They can use a photograph of any size and produce the desired photo. This has been made possible by different software that has this capability.

Most studios have computers, which they use to make the photos. They have specialized applications that have the necessary tools for that kind of work. There are many types of these applications in the market. All you need to do is purchase one and install it in the computer and you are good to go.

Producing a passport photo using these applications is not difficult. You need to open the photograph you want to convert into a portrait. To do this, you have to locate the photograph and open it using the application that you are going to use to modify it.

There are many tools that you can use to modify the photograph. Use the tool that is meant for cropping and cut the photograph into the right size. Different applications have different names for that tool. So, unsure you know what before commencing.

After cropping, use another tool to change the background so that it conforms to the required standards. Passports are meant to have single colored backgrounds. So, you can change the background into blue or white, which are the most commonly used colors.

When you are done modifying the photograph into a portrait, go ahead and print it. To do this, you must have a color printer that has the ability to print photos. If you do not have one you can copy the image file and take it to a computer where there is a printer and print there.

Some cameras also have high storage capacities. So you can copy the modified photograph into the camera and go to print it elsewhere. That is how you produce ID photos using passport photo software. Therefore, you do not need to go through a lot of trouble. Just use the software and get the job done in no time.

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For anyone who wants to be able to take photos for id cards, passport photo software is a must. You can learn more about the specifications and opportunities by visiting the web pages at http://www.idphotomaker.com/ now.

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Why It Is Important To Have Travel Documents When Travelling Abroad

Whenever a person travels to places out of their own country, they must carry with them a certain document. This booklet allows a citizen to leave their own country and to re-enter when traveling is finished. Without this, their travel plans may get derailed and they could be in trouble, as well. This travel booklet will require a picture attached to it. Proving ones identity can prove simple when people follow the rules and carry with them all that is needed.

Sometimes a visa is also required. This allows a person to enter a specific country. It is an endorsement made in one’s travel papers that lets a visitor enter a country. It should be carried with the identification document. Both must be carried at all times.

While abroad, travelers who misplace their important travel papers need to find an embassy to their own country. The official personnel there will assist visitors. There are rules and regulations to follow in this situation. These officials can find a traveler’s information on the computer and supply them with a paper to use proving their identity.

In the past, securing this required travel document meant a trip to the post office or travel bureau for the application, and a session at a store that took a few pictures from which one could choose the likeness they thought was acceptable. With the advent of computers and all of the different programs available, it was not long before someone created a program for home users to create their own picture for their travel papers.

This program makes it simple to download photos from a digital camera, crop the desired one to fit the space on the document and print it. Many other adjustments are included such as brightness and contrast. Attach the likeness to the application form and return it with the required fee. An official government travel permit will be returned to you as quickly as it can be processed.

When vacationing on a cruise ship, if any of the ports are in foreign places, those very same papers will be required. Air flight abroad will also require these documents. Whenever one crosses a border from one country to another, by train, plane, or automobile, be sure of what is necessary to leave and return to one’s country of citizenship. Many times it is not necessary to show citizenship when leaving the country, but returning home will necessitate proof of citizenship.

You can find details about the benefits of passport photo software and information about the best photo identification making software at http://www.idphotomaker.com/ right now.

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Professional Passport Photo Software For Photography Businesses

Many countries has adopted the new ISO biometric passport photo standards in past few years, The new passport photo standards is much stricter than before. To make standard and requirement met passport photos, you will need a software to help you to do this. ID Photo Maker is the software that you are looking for.
ID Photo Maker is a standard passport photo software, its cropping feature developed based on the ISO/IEC requirements. With this software, you only need a printer, a digital camera and the software, even you have not read any official documents or have not any experience on the passport photo industry, just follow the instant prompt of the software to crop your photos, and layout the photos on a photo papers(A6,4R,3R, etc.) with auto layout feature, and click “Print”. and that is! you will get your photo by few clicks in minutes!
For advanced users, the software also provided many advanced feature to meet their needs, like digital camera remote control feature(compatible with Canon EOS series cameras), this feature enables users connect his camera to PC with USB cable, and control the shooting process in the software! Imagine that if you need to process many shooting request in a very short time, or want to reduce the time cost of the shooting and cropping process.  with this feature, you don’t need to waste your time on shooting and then finding the image files on the SD cards and then import it to the software, now you just need to setup your camera on the tripod, and connect the camera to your PC via USB cable, and open the software, click “shooting” button, than you have it, the photos will be taken instanly and transit it from camera to PC and show on the software automatically. it will save you lots of time on photo shooting.
And not just the remote camera control feature, but also many advanced feature that software already built-in, like photo background replacement, brightness adjustment etc. What are you waitting for? just download the free trial version today!

To learn more information about ID Photo Maker and download the free trial, visit:http://www.idphotomaker.com/

DIY your own passport photos, visa photos and green card photos with ID Photo Maker.

  In before, to get your own passport photo, you may need to driver miles to the store or photo studio to take a photo and then wait a few days for printing. time cost, fuel cost(for your car). and the expensive photo shooting cost, may cost you a hundred dollar or so. but now, if you have a digital camera, a printer plus this professional passport photo software – ID Photo Maker, you will be able to make your own passport photo at home, and get the photos instantly. The price of the software is quite flexible. it has two type of pricing level. pay-as-you-go(cost per output) and full version license, full version is for organizations like K12 school, and businesses like photo studio. the pay-as-you-go contract is for home users, and the price start at just $7.69!

  The passport photo standards of worldwide had updated in past few years, so that nearly all types of passport photo or visa photo needed to follow the biometric requirement and the government standards, seems it is hard to make a passport photo at home, but with ID Photo Maker, you don’t need to worry about that at all!, because the software has a step-by-step user interface and has a instant prompt feature that will guide you to make the correct operation when your cropping the photos.

  After cropping, you need to output the photos for the application. now some of visa application or green card application(like US green card) adopting online filling that require electronic version of the passport photos(jpeg files), but more of the application still using traditional way. so that the output feature of ID Photo Maker not only allows you to print your photos via your printer but also allows you to save the photos as jpeg files. the “save as photo” feature will save two types of photo: a layouted photo for re-printing and it will also save all of the cropped photos for online filling.

To learn more information about ID Photo Maker and download the free trial, visit: http://www.idphotomaker.com/