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Japanese Passport Photo Specifications

To apply/renewal a Japanese Passport Photo, you need to provide following materials:
1.Application form
2.Family registry,
3.Valid passport photo(taken within 6 months).
4.Green Card (for Permanent Residents) / Valid Foreign Passport or Birth Certificate (for Dual Citizens)
5.Proof of Current Residence (Driver License, Checkbook, Mail addressed to applicant)
6.Current Passport (even if expired)(for Renewal)
Japanese Passport Photo Specifications:
1.The Size of photo is 4.5 cm high, 3.5 cm wide.
2.The height of head(from bottom of chin to the top of the crown) must be between 3.2cm and 3.6 cm (1 1/4 – 1 3/8 inches).
3.Make sure the distance from the top of the crown to the top of the photo is between 0.2 and 0.6 cm.
4.Should be facing forward with a white or off white background .
5.School picture, photo with shadows, photo with hats, masks, sunglasses or blurred photo is unaccepted.

To meet the requirement , you can use this passport photo software to make your Japanese Passport Photo