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Japan Visa Photo Specifications

Japan Visa Photo Specifications:

1.  the photo size of japan visa photo is 4.5cm x 4.5 cm
2.  biometric requirements:  the height of head must be between 2.9cm and 3.4 cm
3.  photos should taken within six months.
4.  white background is required.
5.  the person’s expression should be neutral, showing teeth is unaccepted.
6.  the face should be positioned in the middle of the photo.

To meet the specifications , you may use this Visa photo software to make your japan visa photo.

How to apply Japan Visa:
To apply Japan Visa, you need to prepare following documents:
1. your passport
2. two visa photos
3. two visa application forms
4. documents certifying the purpose of the visit
5. A copy of a certificate of admission from the educational institution where the person concerned intends to study.
6. documents certifying that the person concerned can defray all expenses incurred during the stay in Japan.

Time required to issue the visa: about 5 working days.
Additional information: Visa Application Form to Enter Japan PDF file: Click Here To Download Visa Application Form to Enter Japan