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German Passport Photo Specifications

Like many other countries in the world, German adopted biometric passport system. The German Passport included a contactless smartcard that embedded into the cover page of passport, the smartcard contains fingerprints and other biometric data. And the passport  photo of  German passport must also follow with their biometric passport photo standards.
Below are the specifications for German passport photos:
1.The size of the passport photo should be  45 mm high x 35 mm wide.
2.The height of the head on photo must be between 32  - 36 mm.
3.The photo should show a clear,  full front view of face and centered with proper contrast and sharpness.
4.The photo should be taken in a well-lighted environment, flash reflection, shadows,or red-eyes is unaccepted.
5.The background of photo  should be plain cream or plain light grey.
6.The face expression should be neutral, the mouth should be remain closed  and avoiding  smile.
7.The photo should  be printed on high-quality photo paper .

To meet the specifications of German Passport Photo, you could also download this passport photo software  for passport photo making.
We also attached a official document of German passport photo sample, you may download it for photo checking:
Click here to download German passport photo sample (*pdf)