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How to take a baby passport photo

Although, there is not a universal standards for babies passport photo, but to prevent rejection, you may follow the following guideline to take babies passport photos:
1.the baby or child is awake when taking the photo
2.looking straight at the camera.
3.mouth should remain closed.
4.showing both edges of the face clearly and no hair across the eyes.
5. photo with toys, pacifiers, blankets,chair backs or any other objects in view is unaccepted.

It is not easy to take a baby passport photo since it is hard to keep baby looking straight at the camera and showing the proper expression. However, you may try this technique to get best passport photo of your child and make thing easier: put a suitable colored sheet(for UK is light gray or cream white) on the bed or floor, lay the baby on it.  Because the specifications required no visible support. if you need to hold the baby, you may placing your hands under the baby’s clothing. while shooting, you may use props to capture their attention and keep them looking straight at the camera. after few shoots, you should be able to get a acceptable photo of your baby.
After photographing, you may use this passport photo software to crop the photo to a standard baby passport photo.