Singapore Passport photo specification

Have you ever wondered what does it mean by a passport size photograph? Definitely, a passport size photo means that it has been cut and tailor made to be used for passports. But have you ever thought that what are the exact dimensions of passport size photographs? And are the dimensions the only specification you need to fulfill. These are the things we are going to discuss in this article.

Passport dimensioned photos can be used for various other purposes other than the passport itself. Passport sized photos are also the standard when you are required to submit photos along with the application for your visa. Skillfully taken passport sized photos also give your resume a professional look especially since the immigration officials usually advise people to be dressed in business attire in their passport photograph.

The dimensions and standards of a passport photo can vary from country to country. The passport standards used by Singapore administration are quite demanding and inflexible. The passport photo specification must be coherent to the recently introduced biometric standards and tough anti-fraud regulations which are recognized globally. Very few photo studios in our country can fulfill all the requirements and provide you with error free passport photographs.

If you want a photograph according to the specifications of a Singapore passport, you should follow the following requirements

  • The photograph should be colored, with no monochrome or any other effect.

  • It should be sharp and clear with high resolution. Blurred or out-of-focus photos are not accepted.

  • Photograph should be 35mm wide and 45mm high and without any border.

  • The photo should be taken within the last 3 months.

  • It should be taken with you looking directly into the camera lens. Your head should be straight and eyes wide open without anything covering them or the eyebrows.

  • Both edges of your face and the top of both of your shoulders must be clearly visible. Your shoulder and head must not be tilted. No side poses are allowed.

  • The image of your face should measure between 25 mm to 35 mm from chin to crown of head.

  • It should be taken without any cap, hat or cloth covering your head. You have a relaxation if you always wear something in accordance with any of your religious or racial tradition.

  • If you wear eyeglasses, the photo must show your eyes clearly with no reflection from any light or flash off the spectacles. The frame of the glasses should not cover any significant part of your eyes. Glasses with tinted lens and sunglasses are not allowed.

  • The photo should have uniform lighting with no shadows, no sharp bright spots on any part of the face and no red eyes.

  • The photograph should have white background, the only exception is for people with white hair, they should use light gray background.

  • Only you should be visible in the photograph. No person, chair or any other thing should be visible.

  • Ensure that the photograph taken has a high resolution and is printed on a high quality paper with a matt or semi-matt finish. Good quality printer should be used to av

  • oid any ink marks or creases.

Fulfilling these requirement will ensure that your passport photos get first time approval and you can avoid queuing over twice. This will ensure a smooth passport application process and also the photos that you can proudly show off.

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