Irish Passport Photo And Visa Photo Specifications

Many countries has adopted the new biometric passport photos and visa photos specifications in past few years, including Ireland. The new specifications is much more stricter than before. however With ID Photo Maker, A professional passport photo software, with its inbuilt passport photo templates, you can crop and print your passport photo by yourself, to learn more information about this software, you can visit its official website:

Specifications Of Irish Passport Photos And Visa Photos:
1. The minimum size of Irish  passport/visa photo is 35mm wide and  45mm high and the maximum  size is 38mm wide and 50mm high, but in general and for the standardization, we recommend that the size of photo should be setting at 35mm wide and 45mm high
2. The photos should be taken within the last 6 months.
3. The photos may be in color or black and white
4.The applicant should be facing forward, centered and taken in a plain white or light grey background with proper contrast, brightness and sharpness.(photos should taken in a well-light environment)
5. The applicant’s facial expression should be neutral and showing photos natural skin tones, mouth remains closed.
6. Photo with sunglasses are unaccepted, however tinted glasses are acceptable, but can not obscure  the applicant’s eyes
7. The height of head must be between 32 mm and 36 mm.
8. Photos with shadows or red-eyes  are unaccepted.

*For applying for  Irish Passport, you need to submit 2 identical passport photos.

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