Greek Passport photo specification

If you have ever looked at a passport, then you know that it, like other identification documents and cards, bears photograph of the owner. Passport is inarguably the most important document for the travelers; it is used for the verification of identity and nationality of a person. The photograph is probably the most vital information among the personal details mentioned on the passport which enables security officials to ensure the identity of a person.

Nowadays, passport photo specifications and standards have been made very tough by the authorities to minimize the chances of false identity or other frauds or errors.  Passport photo specifications are very strict as compared to other identifications like your national ID cards, driver’s license and work ID. These strict measures ensure that the reliability of the photo identification.

In this article we will discuss the Greek Passport photo specifications that will ensure the rapid processing of your documents. The most important thing which should be kept in mind at the time of taking picture is that it should portray the true and accurate image of the person. It should be completely free of any defects which can cause unexpected delays or even rejection.

The new Greek passports that were introduced in 2005 have features such as holograms and biometric data on chips which make them one of the most fraud proof passports in the world.  Here are some tips which can ensure that you face no delays or rejection when applying for a Greek passport.

•The photographs must be recent

•They should measure 40 mm x 60 mm (without frame)

•The background should be plain white or off white. There should be no person or object in the background.

•The lighting must be uniform to avoid any shadows.

•The pose should be straight. The head or shoulder must not be tilted or rotated.

In the photo, face (from chin to the top of the head) should be around 31-35mm

•Eyes must be open, looking straight into the lens

•Expression should be natural with mouth closed

•Lens are prohibited, glasses should also be removed to avoid any shadows or reflections.

•Head shouldn’t be covered.

•The photos should not be edited and must be free of any effects

•The photo should be clear with a good contrast and the person’s skin color should appear natural

Photos must be analyzed at least at 1200 dpi so that no dots or pixels appear.

They should be printed on high quality photographic computer through a high quality laser printer.

These specifications should be kept in mind and must be fulfilled whenever you apply for a Greek passport. If you don’t adhere to any of the above mentioned specifications, it can cause delay in your application process. You can even face rejection if you fail to fulfill multiple specifications.

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