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Belgian Passport Photo Specifications

To apply for a Belgian electronic card you need to submit 5 recent colored passport photos, to apply for Belgian passport, you need 3 of them.

Following is the specification of  Belgian passport photos and visa photos:
1.The size of  photo is 45mm high x 35mm wide .
2.The height of head should be between 20 mm  and 40 mm
3. The background of photos should be plain white.
4.The photos must showing a full-front view of face, head and shoulders, looking straight at the camera and eyes open.
5. Showing a neutral facial expression and the mouth remains closed.
6.  Head coverings are not allowed only for religious  or cultural reason.
Only photos taken by camera  with proper contrast, brightness and sharpness will be accepted. Scanned photos will be rejected.

ID Photo Maker is a software designed for making passport photos and visa photos, it is easy to use, you may download it from its website: and use it to make your own Belgian passport photos.