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Swiss Visa Photo And Passport Photo Specifications

The standard of Swiss visa and passport photo has become more strict since Switzerland adopted the new ISO/IEC biometric passport photo standard.However, ID Photo Maker -  A professional passport photo software which may helps you to create you own  Swiss visa and passport photos. to learn more information about ID Photo Maker, you can visit its official website:
Following is the specifications of Swiss visa and passport photo:
1. The size of  photo is 45 mm high x 35 mm wide .
2.The height of head should be between 29 mm  and 34 mm, the height of head for children under 11 should be between 23mm to 34 mm.. to learn more information about how to take a baby passport photo, you may visit our guideline for baby passport photo:
3.The background of photos should be plain white.
4.Head covering are allowed only for religious reasons.
5.Photo with any types of glasses are unaccepted.
6.Showing natural facial expression, mouth remains closed.
7. The photo must be taken within last 6 months before you submit the application form.