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Dutch Passport Photos And Visa Photos Specifications

Netherlands has adopted the new the new international agreed biometric passport requirements,  the Dutch Passport Photos And Visa Photos need to  conform to the ICAO passport photo standards.
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Specifications Of Dutch Passport Photos And Visa Photos:
1. The size of passport photo is 45 mm high, 35 mm wide
2. The width of head from ear to ear should be  between 16 mm and 20 mm.
3. The height of head from chin to crown should be between 26 mm  and 30 mm for child is  between 19 mm  and 30 mm
4.  Mouth remains close and the facial expression should be neutral, showing normal skin tone.
5.  The photos should show a clear, full front view of face and centered.
6.  Photos with shadows  are unaccepted.
7. Photos should be taken in a uniform plain white or light grey or  pale blue background.
8. Photos must be in color.
9. Head covering are allowed only for religious or philosophical  reasons , any head covering must not cause any shadows across the face.

We attached the official document of  Dutch passport photo guideline, you may download for photo examinations:
Click Here To Download Official Guideline Of Dutch Passport Photos(*.PDF)