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Professional Passport Photo Software For Photography Businesses

Many countries has adopted the new ISO biometric passport photo standards in past few years, The new passport photo standards is much stricter than before. To make standard and requirement met passport photos, you will need a software to help you to do this. ID Photo Maker is the software that you are looking for.
ID Photo Maker is a standard passport photo software, its cropping feature developed based on the ISO/IEC requirements. With this software, you only need a printer, a digital camera and the software, even you have not read any official documents or have not any experience on the passport photo industry, just follow the instant prompt of the software to crop your photos, and layout the photos on a photo papers(A6,4R,3R, etc.) with auto layout feature, and click “Print”. and that is! you will get your photo by few clicks in minutes!
For advanced users, the software also provided many advanced feature to meet their needs, like digital camera remote control feature(compatible with Canon EOS series cameras), this feature enables users connect his camera to PC with USB cable, and control the shooting process in the software! Imagine that if you need to process many shooting request in a very short time, or want to reduce the time cost of the shooting and cropping process.  with this feature, you don’t need to waste your time on shooting and then finding the image files on the SD cards and then import it to the software, now you just need to setup your camera on the tripod, and connect the camera to your PC via USB cable, and open the software, click “shooting” button, than you have it, the photos will be taken instanly and transit it from camera to PC and show on the software automatically. it will save you lots of time on photo shooting.
And not just the remote camera control feature, but also many advanced feature that software already built-in, like photo background replacement, brightness adjustment etc. What are you waitting for? just download the free trial version today!

To learn more information about ID Photo Maker and download the free trial, visit:

Norwegian Visa Photo And Passport Photo Specifications

To make you own Norwegian visa and passport photos, you might use ID photo maker to crop the photos to correct Norwegian passport photo size. the software built-in a variety of passport photo templates, including Norwegian passport photo template.

The standard of Norwegian passport photo had updated in past few years, now the requirements of Norwegian passport photo is confirm to the latest international agreed  biometric passport photo specification.

Following is the guideline of Norwegian passport photos:
1. The photos should  be sharp, clear and of good quality .
2. Printed on high resolution and high quality photo paper .
3. Black and white photos and color photos are acceptable.
4. The wide of passport photo should be 35-40 mm, but for the standardization, we suggest that the size of the photo should be 45 mm high  and 35 mm wide.
5.the photo must be taken within last 6 months before you submit the application form.
6.The applicant should be facing forward and taken in a light background.
7.Showing  entire head and the top of the shoulders, both edges of the face should be clearly visible. The face must occupy 70-80 % of the photo.
8. Eyes open, in clear view. No hair cover the eyes. Mouth remains closed.
9.Head covering for religious reasons is allowed, but the face must be clearly visible, the head covering must not cast any shadows across the face.
10.The lenses must not be tinted and the frames must not obscure any part of eyes
11.There must not be any reflection in the lenses.


Singapore Visa Photo And Passport Photo Specifications

Singapore is one of the most frequented travel destinations . The requirements of Singapore passport/visa photo is very very strict and confirmed with new biometric passport photo requirements. To make standards Singapore  passport/visa photos, you could use this visa and passport photo maker software – ID Photo Maker for photo cropping ,layouting and printing, the software built-in template will enables you to create standard Singapore passport and visa photo.
Here is the specification for Singapore passport photo and visa photo:
1.The overall photo size is 45 mm high x 35 mm wide.
2.The photos should be printed on high quality matte paper and must be borderless.
3.The photos should be taken within the last 3 months.
4.The application should looking straight at the camera, eyes must be open.
5. The photos should show a clear,  full front view of face and centered with proper contrast and sharpness.
6. Showing both edges of the face clearly and no hair across the eyes.
7.Should not have hats and any other head covering( but hats or head covering for  religious reasons is allowed)
8. if the applicant wearing a glasses, the eyes should be clearly visible.
9.the height of head  must be between 32mm and 35mm.
10. the background of photo  should be  plain white.(note: the background should be light gray if the applicant wearing white head coverings.)
11.the photo should be taken in a uniform well-litght environment, should not have any flash reflection, shadows or red eye.
12.The photo must show the applicant alone, with no any other person or object in view.

Online application for Singapore passports and visas:
If you apply for Singapore passport online. the lighting, size, background color and other requirements of passport photo is same as printed passport photo as mentioned above.  the photo document for online application should not larger than 150 kb, formatted in jpeg file format, the size of photo is 514 pixels high  and 400 pixels wide.

DIY your own passport photos, visa photos and green card photos with ID Photo Maker.

  In before, to get your own passport photo, you may need to driver miles to the store or photo studio to take a photo and then wait a few days for printing. time cost, fuel cost(for your car). and the expensive photo shooting cost, may cost you a hundred dollar or so. but now, if you have a digital camera, a printer plus this professional passport photo software – ID Photo Maker, you will be able to make your own passport photo at home, and get the photos instantly. The price of the software is quite flexible. it has two type of pricing level. pay-as-you-go(cost per output) and full version license, full version is for organizations like K12 school, and businesses like photo studio. the pay-as-you-go contract is for home users, and the price start at just $7.69!

  The passport photo standards of worldwide had updated in past few years, so that nearly all types of passport photo or visa photo needed to follow the biometric requirement and the government standards, seems it is hard to make a passport photo at home, but with ID Photo Maker, you don’t need to worry about that at all!, because the software has a step-by-step user interface and has a instant prompt feature that will guide you to make the correct operation when your cropping the photos.

  After cropping, you need to output the photos for the application. now some of visa application or green card application(like US green card) adopting online filling that require electronic version of the passport photos(jpeg files), but more of the application still using traditional way. so that the output feature of ID Photo Maker not only allows you to print your photos via your printer but also allows you to save the photos as jpeg files. the “save as photo” feature will save two types of photo: a layouted photo for re-printing and it will also save all of the cropped photos for online filling.

To learn more information about ID Photo Maker and download the free trial, visit:

Photo Specifications For Taiwan National Identification

Taiwan had update its national identification photo requirement in 2006, The new photo specifications of Taiwan  national identification photo need to   conform to the biometric requirement.

To make your own  Taiwan  national identification photo, you download this standard biometric passport photo software for photo cropping and printing.

Below is the overview of Photo Specifications For Taiwan National Identification:

1..the photo must be taken no more than 2 years before you submit the  application form.
2.the photo size is 45 mm high x 35 mm wide.
3.the photo should not have  any  ink marks or creases.
4.The applicant should be facing forward with proper skin tone and proper brightness contrast. should be printed on high quality photo paper in high resolution.
6. the eyes should be remain opened, the facial expression should be neutral.
7.the background must be plain white.
8.the height of head (from top of crown to bottom chin) must be between 32mm and 36mm.(occupy 70% – 80% of the photo)
9. the photo should be taken in a well-litght environment, should not have any flash reflection or red eye.
10. if the applicant wearing a glasses, the eyes should be clearly visible.
* the government suggest that applicant should wear dark line of clothes for photo shooting.