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Finnish Passport Photo Specifications

Finnish passport already adopted the new international agreed biometric requirements, the new Finnish passport built-in a smartcard that contain the personal information, photo, passport data and facial measurement data of the applicant. So that the Finnish passport photo also need to  conform to the ICAO standards.
To make a standard Finnish passport photo, and also make things easier, you may try this standard passport photo software to crop and print your Finnish passport photos.
And before you taking the photo, you may also visit this post
Below is the overview of  Finnish passport photo specifications:
1. the photo size is 47mm high and 36mm wide.
2.the height of head in photo must be between must be 32mm and 36mm .
3.the photo should be taken in a well-lit environment with uniform lighting.
4.the facial expression of applicant should be natural, eyes remains open, mouth remains closed.
5.the photo should appear a clear,  full front view of face and  the face should be positioned in the middle of the photo.
6.the photo must be in-focus, without shadows, red-eyes and flash reflection.
7. the background of photo  should be  plain light gray.
8.the photos can not be  digitally altered.(that means you can not adjust the brightness , contrast, sharpness, etc. on your PC’s software or even the camera’s on-board photo adjustment feature, like Canon Eos 60D  In-Camera Processing feature) with non-prescription glasses are unacceptable,  but the prescription glasses may be worn for your passport photo.
10.the photo must be taken no more than 6 months before you submit the passport application form.
11.both color photos and  black and white photos are  acceptable.
12.printed on high-quality paper with no  ink marks or creases.

We attached the official document of  Finnish passport photo specifications, you may download for photo checking:
Click Here To Download Finnish Passport Photo Official Guideline(*.PDF)

Camera settings for passport photo taking

Camera settings and lens focal length settings are the crucial points of taking an acceptable passport photo.  follow guides are based on  International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Hope that may help you to take acceptable passport photos.
 Types of camera:
1.Digital Cameras set to an photo capture size of  8 megapixels or higher.
2.Instant film cameras.
3.35 mm film cameras
lens focal length settings
1. if you are using a fixed-focal-length lens, the best focal length of lens for passport photo taking would be between 90 to 130mm(35 mm equivalent focal length)
2.if you are using a  zoom lens, for the best result, you should locked into a focal length between 90 to 130mm (35 mm equivalent focal length)
For example If you using a APS-C format camera, you should set your  focal length between 144 to 208mm, more information about 35 mm equivalent focal length you may visit this website:

Israeli Passport Photo Specifications

Israeli passport photo requirements are the one of the most strictest passport photo specifications in the world. you may try out this Israeli passport photo maker software to make your Israeli passport photo.
Below is the overview of the Israeli passport photo specifications:
1.The passport photo size is 2 x 2 inches(5.08 x 5.08 cm).
2.The height of head must between 25mm -35mm.
3.The applicant should be neatly dressed with proper facial expression.
4.Should be facing forward, showing a full-face view and the face should be positioned in the middle of the picture, with a white background .
5.Printed on high quality photo paper. Only color photos are acceptable.
6.The photo must be taken within the last six months.

Spanish Passport Photo Specifications

Spain has adopted the new ICAO biometric standards to prevent fraudulent use of Spanish passports. To apply for  Spanish passport, you need to submit two identical passport photo for the passport application, you may download this passport photo software to make your own Spanish passport photo. Below is the overview of Spanish passport photo specifications:
1. the size of  Spanish passport photo is 30mm wide x 40mm high.
2.the head must occupy 70% of the area of the photo.
3.the background must be plain white.

US Green Card Photo Specifications

US Greencard Photo specifications now need to comply with biometric standards strictly. To meet the requirements, you may download the green card photo software to make US green card photo. Following is the overview of US green card photo specifications:
1.if you apply the green card online, the size of the green card photo must be 600 pixels high by 600 pixels wide and save to a JPG format file, the file size should not bigger than 240kb. if you apply the green card offline, the size of the green card photo must be 2 x 2 inches(5.08 x 5.08 cm) and printed on thin high-quality photo paper.
2.color photo or black and white photo are acceptable.
3.the head should occupy 50% to 60% of the area of the green card photo.(between 1 and 1 3/8 inches)
4.the applicant should looking straight at the camera.
5.the face should be positioned in the middle of the photo.
6.the applicant’s facial expression should be neutral, showing teeth is unaccepted.
7.the background must be plain white.
8.taken in a well-lit environment, should not have any flash reflection or red eye. with sunglasses, jewellery are unaccepted. (religious head coverings are acceptable,but can not obscure the face)
10.uniforms should not be worn in the green card photo, except religious clothing that is worn daily.